Primary Songs Quiet Book

Here it is.  Another quiet book.

Our ward (church congregation) has an auction every year to help the youth go to summer camps.  The things that are auctioned are great.  They usually range from trips to exotic locations to cookies.  My contributions are never as extreme as the trips or tickets to some wonderful event.  I have been known to make cookies or a cake, though.  They sell.

This year I made a couple of quiet books.  One is for the crafty crafters and the other is easy enough that anyone, even the craft impaired, can do.

Here they are.

The first was inspired by songs from the Primary (children's) songbook.  Each page is from a song.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I want to do a couple more pages, but hit the deadline to bring the stuff to the church. It sure was fun to make them, though. 

*I made another book this week for my niece's baby shower.  I posted the different looking pages.  Shhh. Don't tell her, the shower is tomorrow.  Hope she likes it.*


There is a bird button and a bee button hidden under the leaves of the tree.


The temple picture makes a pocket for the family pictures to hide in.


The easy one is just a dry-erase quiet book.  I made a cover for an old notebook although that part is optional.  Then I headed to Staples with my rewards coupons and got a pencil holder, heavy plastic paper covers, dry-erase crayons (they come with an erase cloth in the box) and binder rings for the fabric book.  Then I got on my computer and downloaded a bunch of church-type pictures and games to put in. Emily put the pictures in the sleeves.  Done.