Harry Potter Quiet Book

Hello.  My name is MommaH and I am a HP (Harry Potter) geek.


I would love to live at Hogwarts.

I could teach...something.

I take various quizzes on HP stuff.  Here's one: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mackenziekruvant/youre-a-wizard-harry
I'm a half-blood.

My dogs are named Tonks and Teddy.  If you are a true HP fan, you'll get it.

I know it.

I can feel it.

I still cry when Dumbledoor/Dobby/Snape/Fred dies.  Every time.

Anyhow, a few years ago I made a Harry Potter Quiet Book.  Okay I made about 10.  Don't judge.  I like to sew.  I like to create.  I like little kids.  It was a fun experience.  
Because I sold or gave away the books I made, I took pictures of it.  I just found the pictures.  Since this blog is really just an easy way for me to find my favorite recipes and creations, I thought I would put them here.  I hope you enjoy them.  Maybe you'll even be inspired to make one of your own.

*spoiler alert*

I am making  2 or 3 quiet books for our church auction, church themed, and I will be posting pictures on a blog very soon.  I do this so I can  remember what the heck I did inspire others.

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