On the Farm - Quiet Book

I made another quiet book.

No, I don't have little kiddos.
No, I am not a grannie.
No, I don't have a lot of free time.


I just like creating things and I like to sew.  This one was inspired by The Farm at Woodbury (where I have my CSA share).  The farmer has a little girl named Madelyn.  She just turned one.  I think I'll give her this book.

Hope she likes it.

The wheels of the tractor button.


I got one of those light-up balls at the dollar store and took out the light. 

I put plastic over the plate and put the velcro on top of the plastic.  Velcro tears up felt.  Everything comes off the page except for the plate.

All of the jack-o-lantern stuff snaps on and off.

Lift the flap (trees) and build a snowman.  It is a farm in CT, after all.  I know, penguins are not farm animals.  Don't judge.

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