Yesterday we had a tragedy.
In a neighboring rural town here in Connecticut, 28 people were killed.
20 were children.
They were in first grade.
The whole class was gunned down.
This is not supposed to happen here.  This is not supposed to happen anywhere.
I knew one of these sweet children.
Her name is Emilie.
She was 6.
She and her family attended our church.  She was going to be in our Nativity program this morning with her sisters and the other children from church.
She was going to be an angel.
On Wednesday, a day and 1/2 before she was killed, she was at the practice in her angel costume.  You know - white dress, halo, wings - jumping off of the stage and saying to me, "Look, Sister Hawker, I can fly!"  while her blond hair flew around her smiling face.
No casserole or sweet treat can fix this.

I can only listen, and hug, and cry and pray.
I hug my kiddos a little tighter now.

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