Hold On

I have a sister and a brother.  I love them very much.  For our adult lives, however, we have not lived in the same state.  My brother lives in Washington state, my sister in Utah and me in Connecticut.  

I know.

My sister's daughter, Claire, is my hero.  Let me tell you why.
Claire's Picasso interpretation

2 years ago last November, Claire was diagnosed with ALL - leukemia.

It has been hard.

It has been really hard.

Do you remember what it was like to be 15 and 16?  Me, too.  Hard.

Now imagine going through those years with being too sick to go to your dances, school, church, losing your hair, spending much too much time in hospitals, not being able to do what all of our friends were doing.  Ever.

Now imagine doing all of that with a smile on your face and in your heart.

That is why she is my hero.

My beautiful sister just had a benefit concert to raise money for cancer research.  Did I tell you that my sister is beautiful and incredibly talented?  No? She is.  Here is a link to see and hear one of the songs.

She also has 6 children and a wonderful husband, two cats and a dog.

Yep, she's my hero, too.

Just thought you should know.

If you feel you could donate to cancer research to help find a cure, here is a link.   www.curesearchwalk.org/saltlakecity/teamclaire


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